37. (Tie) Condoleezza Rice

Condi has a hard-earned reputation as the President's:

a) Secretary of State.

b) Partner on the Stairmaster.

c) Right hand.

In 2006, as death tolls mounted in a war between Lebanon and Israel, Condi:

a) Gave a piano concert in Asia, delayed calls for a cease-fire and described the fighting as "the birth pangs of a new Middle East."

b) Appeared disoriented and flaky toward her fellow judges on "American Idol."

c) Asked a Congressional page in a bizarre email: "Do I make U horny?"


Blogger Ray said...

Are these lifetime achievement awards, or limited to things, um, released in 2006?

If the former, we would be remiss not to commend Condi for her trip during the rages of Katrina in 2005, to New York for a day of shoe-shopping and an evening watching Spamalot.

-Ray (who's already spreading the love about this countdown, but your bots already knew that)

4:27 AM  
Anonymous bubba g. russo said...

I loved Trump's comment about needing a negotiator, not someone who would traffic with dictators and wave demurely as she walked along. I guess even self-centered imbeciles can get it right sometimes...and Condi really deserves to rank higher as an asshole of great (myopic) vision and unassailable intestinal fortitude. 'Cause she is truly full of shit!

8:56 AM  

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