36. Kevine Federline

According to Wrestler Observer magazine, while preparing to compete in a 2006 professional wrestling tournament, Kevin:

a) Approached each grappler for advice, winning respect and a profound admiration for his sincerity and work ethic.

b) Masqueraded as an Eastern European reporter, at one point brandishing a baggie full of dung and coaxing them to make racist remarks.

c) Got a text message of his impending nasty divorce from Fox News anchor Brit Hume.

In his 2006 autobiographical hit "Lose Control," Kevin wrote:

a) "Look man I'm in a whole 'nother tax bracket/ It don't matter what you blow, boy you can't match it / 40 grand I take the whole crew to Miami / Then we pop Crys off like they won Grammy's."

b) "I decided long ago/ never 2 walk in anyone's shadow / if I fail, if I succeed/ At least I lived as I believe./ No matter what they take from me / they can't take away my dignity / B-cuz the greatest love of all / is happening 2 me."

c) "So how do U thank someone / Who has taken U from crayons 2 perfume?/ it isn't easy but I'll try/ If U wanted the sky / i would write across the sky in letters / that would soar 1,000 feet high / 2 sir with love."


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