28. Terrell Owens

Four days after Terrell was dumped by the Eagles, the Cowboys signed him to:

a) A $25 million contract.

b) Maintain their reputation as a vile, valueless franchise.

c) Lead them to second place.

d) Piss off Philadelphia.

e) Piss off Dallas.

In December, Terrell was find $35,000 for spitting:

a) In the face of Atlanta Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall during a game.

b) On Kenny Rogers' baseballs.

c) On Saddam Hussein at his hanging.

On Sept. 27, 2006, after allegedly attempting suicide with a drug overdose, Terrell assured reporters that:

a) He was "not depressed" and "very happy."

b) If he wanted to kill himself, he could have.

c) The pills were poorly thrown; that's why he dropped them.

d) Donovan McNabb is overrated.


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