6. Donald Rumsfeld

In early 2006, eight retired generals recommended that Donald:

a) Resign.

b) Hike the world, plant a tree, fall in love, live.

c) Take up full-contact rugby.

d) Slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Sam.

In Donald's Pentagon farewell ceremony, Vice President Dick Cheney called him:

a) "The finest Secretary of Defense this nation has ever had."

b) "Macaca."

c) Sugartits"

d) "The boss with the sauce, the man with the plan, the hot Secretary with the overripe cherry - no, wait, that's Condi. (laughter applause).. The man who brought venereal disease to Washington. (laughter, applause) Seriously, though, folks, he's truly a great sport and all-around good guy."

e) "Mister My-Way-Or-the-Highway. Well, I guess that's finally been decided!"


Anonymous Rummy said...

Really, the three of us and I'll have ice for drinks afterwards!

3:39 PM  

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