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Hark! The feral angels sing!
It's that season of great cheer!
When bitter-minded folks elect

Our first was Richard Nixon
Back in nineteen-sev'nty-four,
Then came the likes of O.J.,
Newt, Saddam and many more.

There's David Duke, Rush Limbaugh,
Linda Tripp - a brutish bunch.
One year begot the Rev. Jim Jones
For his farewell Kool-Aid punch.

Just name your 10 worst assholes
Those you'd see publicly dissed,
It's free, it's fun, it's fast,
And you won't end up on some list.

Just vote! You'll feel much better,
It's your special yuletide balm.
So vote right here, or or email us at

For Your Consideration

Jack Abramoff. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Samuel Alito. George Allen. Pamela Anderson. James Baker. Glenn Beck. William Bennett. Tom Bergeron. Chris Berman. Osama bin Laden. David Blaine. Tony Blair. John Boehner. John Bolton. Danny Bonaduce. Barry Bonds. Bono. Conrad Burns. Barbara Bush. Laura Bush. George H. W. Bush. George W. Bush. Naomi Campbell. Tucker Carlson. Simon Cowell. Dick Cheney. Lynne Cheney. Mary Cheney. Deepak Chopra. Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton. George Clooney. Sacha Baron Cohen. Stephen Colbert. Dane Cook. Anderson Cooper. Bob Corker. Ann Coulter. Katie Couric. Tom Cruise. Mark Cuban. Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Richard Dawkins. Howard Dean. Tom DeLay. Mike DeWine. Lou Dobbs. Matt Drudge. Theo Epstein. Kevin Federline. Donald Fehr. Flavor Flav. Ernest Lee Fletcher. Jared Fogle. Mark Foley. Michael J. Fox. Al Franken. James Frey. Thomas L. Friedman. Bill Frist. Mel Gibson. Jim Gilchrist. Alberto Gonzales. Al Gore. Nancy Grace. Jason Grimsley. Rudy Guiliani. Rev. Ted Haggard. Katherine Harris. Dennis Hastert. Isaac Hayes. Albert Haynesworth. Taylor Hicks. Faith Hill. Paris Hilton. Christopher Hitchens. Katie Holmes. Steny Hoyer. Arianna Huffington. Brit Hume. Saddam Hussein. Don Imus. Steve Irwin. Rep. William Jefferson. Angelina Jolie. John Mark Karr. John Kerry. Kim Jong-Il. Thomas Kinkade. Floyd Landis. Bernard Kerik. Kid Rock. Larry King. Henry Kissinger. Tony Kornheiser. Joey Lawrence. Ken Lay. Corey Lidle. Joe Lieberman. Rush Limbaugh. Lindsay Lohan. Trent Lott. Madonna. Bill Maher. Nouri al-Maliki. Michelle Malkin. Howie Mandel. Barry Manilow. Chris Matthews. John McCain. Tim McCarver. Ken Mehlman. Bode Miller. Dennis Miller. Slobodan Milosovec. Tom Monaghan. Dick Morris. Rupert Murdoch. John Murtha. Robert Ney. Bill O'Reilly. Barack Obama. Keith Olbermann. Terrell Owens. Anthony Pelicano. Nancy Pelosi. Kyra Phillips. Jeanine Pirro. Brad Pitt. Vladimir Putin. Rachael Ray. Harry Reid. Tara Reid. Judith Regan. Harold Reynolds. Star Jones Reynolds. Condoleezza Rice. Michael Richards. Nicole Ritchie. Pat Robertson. Alex Rodriguez. Kenny Rogers. Karl Rove. Donald Rumsfeld. Tim Russert. Rick Santorum. Antonin Scalia. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rep. Jean Schmidt. Ryan Seacrest. Bud Selig. Don Sherwood. S.R. Siddharth. O.J. Simpson. Jeffrey Skilling. Anna Nicole Smith. Wesley Snipes. Tony Snow. Aaron Sorkin. Britney Spears. George Steinbrenner. Ted Stevens. Jon Stewart. Barbra Streisand. Cal Thomas. Isaiah Thomas. Donald Trump. Ugueth Urbina. Elizabeth Vargas. Chris Wallace. Mike Wallace. Jim Webb. Harry Whittington. Oprah Winfrey. Bob Woodward. Yanni. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.